How I wrote the song “LAY DOWN”


Something strange happened with this song: just a few hours after I posted on my music licensing account and shared it on my modest Facebook account, it gathered almost 1300 listens!

cut from music license



It never happened to any of my songs and I don’t know what caused that, but I felt that I need to create quickly a video to put the song on YouTube…and to write some lines about this song’s story.


3 elements are at the origin of the song “Lay Down”:
First, it was the riff on the chords of A major and B minor, resolved in E major: simple, a little atmospheric and definitely rhytmical.
Then, the first verse of the song came naturally, matching the riff and the dark-sensual feeling that it creates:

“Lay down next to me/You’re in a place where you can be/Free, like a flying bird in the sky…”

Actually, in the first version, the last line was

“Free, like a fxxxing bird in the sky”,

but later I decided that the profanity (although sexy, and maybe catchy) doesn’t go well with the rest of the song.

effect chorus
Finally, the third element is the chorus effect on the acoustic guitar. It’s an SineChorus  effect that I found after about an hour of tweaking on my LinePort 37KB software, and it seemed to fill perfectly the musical space of the song.


This was a song on which the rest of the elements came relatively quickly: I wrote the rest of the lyrics (based on the idea that one meeting between two lovers can be definitory for the rest of their lives, if they let themselves go and trust their instincts) during one night of pacing around in my dark living room; and the simple, low-key organ part was created and recorded almost instantly on Ableton Live.


Because I wanted to avoid another video with me crooning and playing the guitar, I searched my aleatory video archives of my past trips and I found some footage taken on a train trip to Izu peninsula, near Tokyo. I think the smoothness of that train ride fits the cozy atmosphere of the song.
I added a little Black&White effect and some Color Corector in Sony Vegas, added the lyrics and … here it is!
Enjoy “LAY DOWN”!


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