You will also get access to more music, inside information, additional downloads, and other goodies absolutely free!

Listen to what people are saying about the album:
  • “Listening to the HOMEMADE songs makes one go through purest expressions of emotions. From love to fear, joy to sorrow, happiness to loneliness, anger to peacefulness, frustration to satisfaction Mi’s songs make one feel all that and more. The clear sound of the guitars bring back a certain nostalgia and melancholy about those times when music was as pure and simple as that. His emotional vocals are not about showing off but about expressing and being sincere. Pure, deep and emotional lyrics”(Mira Botocan – vocal trainer at FeelDareSing

  • “The artist description says it all and the music suits it just fine! Nice easygoing songs which could bring a smile on your face on a cloudy day or brighten up the mood even more when the sun is shining! Give ‘Mi Mi Mi’ a listen and you might become a fan!” (Cosmin Lupu –
  • I’m enchanted by your “End Of The World” song and video. Great music! (Darren Crisp – audio/video producer at Crisp Recording Studios Fayetteville AR

“Fallin” means a lot to me, since it captures those moments of nostalgia for the times when love was simple and pure. I guess everybody’s been through such moments, too.
Also, this is the opening song of my new album which is the culmination of several years of writing and hard work in the studio, so it really means a lot to me and I’m sharing it exclusively with those who sign up.

For those who sign up NOW, I have some special things up my sleeve that you won’t want to miss! Just click on my guitar, then push the green “free song” button and enter your email address.
All the best!

mi mi mi


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